Ouch Dr. That Hurts

It’s time to bring attention to the multitude of problems
at Wright-Patterson Medical Center!

The current state of the Wright-Patterson Medical Center reflects a troubling trend of mismanagement, one that jeopardizes patient safety and well-being.

Within the facility, the phone systems remain consistently unreliable, often disconnected or improperly configured. Furthermore, there appears to be a significant lack of training provided to healthcare providers on utilizing the new Genesis system’s messaging service. This deficiency has left numerous individuals in the unfortunate position of being unable to reach the appropriate clinics, forcing them to physically visit the center to seek medical attention.

In addition, instances of inept staff members making careless errors, such as neglecting to mark urgent matters as such, have become disconcertingly routine. Such oversights have the potential to lead to dire consequences, risking lives and exacerbating patients’ conditions.

Fixing this issue is of utmost importance because it’s not just about addressing a bureaucratic problem; it’s about safeguarding the lives and well-being of the brave individuals and families who have dedicated their service to our nation. The heart-wrenching reality is that every moment of delay, every unresponsive phone call, and every overlooked urgency could result in irreparable harm or even the loss of a loved one. We owe it to these honorable individuals to ensure that their sacrifices are honored with the highest quality of care, and by rectifying this situation, we can provide them with the peace of mind they so rightfully deserve.

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Wright-Patterson Medical Center

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